The guessed rigth form of managing the taxes, the finances and the global administration to take to the sucess the company, anyone is the item, it has always been and it will be a topic of constant concern for the visionary manager and proactivo takes conscience that inmerso is inside ofof a global marketevery time competitive ma and with chanhing scenarios.

The effects of the errors in the process of taking of fundamnetal decisions for the company are quicly noticed for the entities inspectors, clients and for the competition and they are capitalizad quickly for this it finishes in i deteriorate of the misinformed manager.

Gestion Empresa is born more than ten years ago with the idea of being a suitable support lending consultanship in the explanation and development of those topics that they are of managerial interest as well as in the contribution of the tools necesary chord with the current requirements in such a way of being an effective entity that it helps in the managerial and in the conduction of that ship called company.

Administration company is not limited to manage numbers, its mission is to cover all the necessities of information that originate in different points of the company completely and that they will be translated in some moment in a whole harmonious one that will allow them to be devoted to make business and to take charge the problems  to administration - company is whose company  be able to always apreciate the future changing calmly and with force to face challenges that it imposes this new era.